What about the extension of the scheme to April 2021?

Last updated: 25 Nov 2020

On 24 September the Government announced that the SEISS would be extended for two further payments covering three month periods from November to January and February to April 2021.

Self-employed workers, who qualify under the terms of the scheme, will be able to claim the two further grants, whether or not they claimed a grant previously. They need to show they are currently actively trading and intend to continue to do so.

The first grant will cover the period from the beginning of November. It will be a taxable grant covering 20% of average monthly trading profits and will be capped at £1,875 for the 3 month period.

The level of grant for the second period from April 2021 has not yet been announced.

It has been set at a disappointingly low level (reducing the grant from 70% of average monthly profits to only 20%). The Government state this is providing broadly similar levels of support as under the new Job Support Scheme.

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