Five tips for running a recruitment event

Running a recruitment event in your workplace is one of the best ways to grow your branch’s membership. But where do you start?

1. Hold a ‘bring a friend’ event

Your best source of ideas for an effective workplace recruitment event are your members. People are most likely to come along if a friend or colleague invites them. Ask members which events they would bring non-member to.

2. Invite an interesting speaker to share their career

People appreciate career development opportunities, and a chance to hear from an inspirational or senior person from inside (or outside) your organisation may create a buzz. After they share their story, end the session by speaking about why you’re a union rep. Have membership forms to hand!

3. Host your event on Eventbrite (it’s free and easy)

Putting your event on Eventbrite makes it look professional, lets you track who is coming, and allows you to email attendees after the event with a thank you message encouraging them to join Prospect.

4. Promote your event on social media

Is there a workplace Facebook group or Twitter account you can access? Or maybe you can start an office Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Yammer group for social activities? Making events relaxed and fun (like payday drinks, a charity fundraiser or a book club) may encourage new people to come along.

5. Have a communication plan!

As soon as you set a date, write yourself a short communication plan, outlining how you will tell people about your event. You should plan to communicate: at least three weeks before the event, two weeks before, the week before, the day before and on the day of the event itself. People lead busy lives, so give them plenty of reminders.

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