Public service: working for you

Public Servants Working For You campaign


Public servants have seen their take-home pay cut by more than 15% in real terms since 2010. Over ten years, they have experienced a fall in living standards, and increased financial insecurity and hardship as incomes trail further behind the rising cost of living.

The government may say that the public sector pay cap has been lifted, however many public servants are still seeing below-inflation pay rises, especially in the civil service. The means real-terms pay cuts for workers who are working harder than ever because of the impact of cuts.

General secretary Mike Clancy says:

“Public servants go to work out of a spirit of public service rather than because of pay or benefits. President John F Kennedy’s famous speech asking Americans “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” echoes their belief that as citizens they have a duty to their fellow citizens and sums up the way many public servants feel about their jobs.

This duty places a responsibility on the rest of society too; to make sure that our public servants are fairly treated at work, have the resources they need to do the job, are paid properly and that their retirements are properly provided for.

As we await the new April 2020 guidance, we will continue to fight for our public service members. Make sure you are part of the campaign by joining Prospect today.”

Listening to members and getting their voice heard

Prospect represents more than 28,000 members in our public services. They work in specialist roles including science, engineering and procurement across more than 120 organisations.

Continued pay restraint is not only impacting on our members’ living standards, it is negatively impacting on the quality of our public services as our members’ tell us:

“The constant churn of staff, due to our low pay compared with the private sector, is starting to significantly erode our defence procurement capabilities, which fundamentally rely on our research and support.” Prospect member

“This is not just about my salary. It’s about ensuring public services have the best people in the many roles available. Technology and infrastructure are increasingly important to maintain our position as a major economic force globally, especially in light of the ongoing European negotiations. We must invest in the future and provide vibrant opportunities for future generations. And that means investment in our people.” Prospect member.

Hear from more of our members.

Senior deputy general secretary Sue Ferns says:

“Our members hold together the infrastructure of this country; whether it’s through the science and engineering they do; environmental protection; ensuring that our transport systems operate safely; that our food is safe to eat; or that our national security is sound. We have a vision for the civil service which we call ‘Government that can needs people who know how.’”

Deputy general secretary Gary Graham:

 Join us to help fight for the right to fair pay for fair work.