Mental health at work

Campaigning for workers’ mental health to become a key priority for government and employers

Over the last decade, mental health has gained increasing prominence, but too often the burden is still put on individuals to make the difference.

We all have mental health, and while knowing how to understand it, protect it and sustain it is important, our environment is key to ensuring good mental health for all. That means governments and employers need to take mental health seriously.

Slogans, lunchtime yoga classes and crisis helplines can help, but what really matters is the underlying structures that contribute to mental health – we need to move to a model where preventing mental health problems is the top priority.

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Our guidance

Guidance on stress and mental health at work, including how to cope with workplace stress.
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The future of work

Work is changing and if we’re not careful, the new normal could be detrimental to mental health.
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Sickness absence days due to mental health 12.7%
Annual cost of poor mental health at work £42 billion
Average ROI of each pound spent on mental health interventions at work £4.20

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