DfE pushes EdTech demonstrator programme to aid school recovery

12 November 2021

The Department for Education is pushing its Edtech Demonstrator programme, which gives schools and colleges across England, access to free expert advice on educational technology.

The initiative was launched just before the pandemic, but now in its second year the DfE says it has “evolved from crisis response to offer support to schools and colleges in developing digital strategies which make effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.”

The programme provides peer-led support that is delivered by a network of 42 expert ‘demonstrators’ spread across England. Schools and colleges work with a demonstrator, based on the nature of the support that is required.

In the academic year, 2020-21, 4,000 schools and colleges used the programme to access support on educational technology and tools, which directly helped 200,000 classroom staff and 2m learners.

The DfE says it hopes to at least match this impact again in 2021-22 and to ‘encourage long-term and sustained adoption of technology to support:’

  • School recovery and catch-up
  • Reducing teacher workload
  • School improvement plans
  • Accessibility including SEND and excluded pupils.

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