Digital Division of the BECTU sector of Prospect

18 July 2019

BECTU sector of Prospect are seeking nominations for your Digital Division Committee.

Your union is seeking nominations for your Digital Division Committee

You may be aware that over the past two years your union has been looking to organise members in the telecoms and digital industries into a new division of the union. This in part has been driven by the merger of Prospect with BECTU, a union largely representing workers in broadcasting and the creative industries. Since the merger, the desire has been to create a division, in what is now the BECTU sector of Prospect that not only represents the interest of members in the non-BT areas of telecoms and IT, but can also play a role in organising those working in the wider digital economy.

At the BECTU Sector Conference in May an interim Digital Division Committee was put in place with a view to establishing a properly constituted committee as soon as was practicable. An elected committee will enable the division and members to have a greater voice within the union. Therefore, the union are now seeking nominations from members for the Digital Division Committee.

Nominations have now opened (17 July 2019) for Prospect members in the Digital Division to put themselves forward for the divisional committee. The seat allocation on the committee is determined by the size of respective branches and can be found in the attached divisional rules. In the event that there are more nominations than seats in any particular Branch an election will be organised. The committee will have the authority to co-opt members in the event that there are insufficient nominations from Branches.

If you wish to stand for the Digital Division Committee you will need to be nominated by a branch that has members in the division by 12 noon on 16 August. If you require any advice on the process then please contact [email protected] . Nominations must be submitted by email to [email protected] by a branch officer.