End of Hinkley B must spur new build nuclear

19 November 2020

EDF Energy have confirmed that the Hinkley Point B nuclear power station will cease generation in July 2022, a few months ahead of schedule.

The power station, which commenced generation in 1976, has produced more low carbon electricity than any other UK nuclear station.

The decision places a new urgency on the new build nuclear programme. The Prime Minister this week offered renewed backing for new nuclear, but the government are yet to set out a funding model that will allow work to start on Sizewell C and other new projects.

Prospect senior deputy general secretary Sue Ferns said:

“The current generation of nuclear power stations has helped to underpin the UK’s energy supply for many decades, but this announcement about Hinkley B further underlines the need for a new generation of nuclear power stations to take on that responsibility.

“The prime minister’s announcement this week made it clear that there is no path to Net Zero without a substantial role for nuclear power, both large power stations and innovative Small Modular Reactors.

“The onus is now on government to give the green light to the Sizewell C project and take a vital step in securing the UK’s low carbon future along with thousands of good jobs across the country.”