Money generated by ScotWind must be used to address jobs and training needs of Just Transition

17 January 2022

Prospect have responded to news that the ScotWind auction has raised £700 million.

Richard Hardy, Prospect National Secretary for Scotland said:

“It’s vital that the money generated by today’s ScotWind announcements is used to address the jobs and training needs of a Just Transition if the Scottish Government is genuine about creating a ‘renewables revolution’.

“We have seen decades of Governments failing to deliver on job promises in the renewable sector. It’s not good for Scotland or Scottish workers if the main beneficiaries of today’s announcement are factories and workers in the Middle East, China and Indonesia, something we have seen all too frequently in the past.

“Scottish workers want to see a Just Transition into a renewable future with high quality jobs rooted in the Fair Work agenda, now is the time for the Scottish Government to step up to the plate and deliver.”