New defence spending settlement: prudent and sensible

19 November 2020

In a world where risks and stability are increasing, the new defence spending announced this week is prudent and sensible, but must support jobs in the UK.

Royal Fleet Auxillary Fort Class Ship

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, said:

“The government’s commitment to increase defence spending is undoubtedly welcome. In a world where risks and instability are increasing, this is a prudent sensible investment.

“However we must make sure that this funding supports defence industrial jobs here in the UK. This means fully funding and getting on with programs like the Fleet Solid Support Ship and Type 31e frigate to support UK shipyards.

“The government’s recognition of the role that science has to play in defence is important. This must be met with the right financial support for agencies like DSTL and AWE as well as setting up the new AI agency.”

Responding to further detail of the announcement relating to ship building in the UK, Garry Graham added, said:

“Spending on defence should be regarded as an investment, ensuring sovereign capability, capacity and independence of action. The focus now needs to be a steady drum beat of orders to be placed in the UK domestic market to promote high quality secure employment, investment in the skills we need now and for the future and to support the economy of the UK both regionally and nationally.

“We look forward to working with the government and industry and help build the thriving defence  sector the country and citizens need.”