Parliament must go virtual as new lockdown looms

4 January 2021

Prospect has reiterated the call for a fully virtual parliament to protect staff and MPs. The call comes as parliament is recalled on Wednesday to debate an anticipated tightening of Covid restrictions.

Prospect has been campaigning on behalf of staff for a return to the vitrual parliament instituted in the Spring, which included remote voting to minimize the number of MPs and staff needed on the parliamentary estate.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary said:

“This recall of parliament coming only days after the government voted to extend the recess demonstrates the lack of foresight that has been the hallmark of the government’s approach to this crisis.

“It has been evident for weeks that the country was likely heading towards another lockdown after Christmas, and also obvious that requiring MPs and staff to attend parliament in person is reckless and foolhardy, yet the government have buried their heads in the sand and refused to listen.

“An immediate return to a fully virtual parliament is the only way to keep democracy functioning while keeping staff and MPs safe, which is why unions and others have been calling for it for months.”