Prospect will be urgently raising the matter of NTS with the Scottish Government

12 May 2020

National Trust Scotland (NTS) has announced that more than 400 of its staff are at risk of redundancy.


NTS says it has lost the majority of its income due to corona virus and has also said it will look to sell off non-heritage land and property, and seek support from the Scottish government and grant-giving bodies.

David Avery, Prospect negotiator said:

“This is a huge blow to workers at National Trust Scotland who will be extremely worried about their futures.

“Prospect has received a detailed document from NTS and are studying it closely. We were only briefed on this development yesterday (Monday) afternoon and will discuss it with members over the coming days.

“We will do all we can to support members and argue strongly for the retention of jobs.

“ Prospect will be raising this issue with the Scottish Government as a matter of urgency. We are working with our members to see what steps can be feasibly taken at Governmental level to support Scotland’s cultural and tourism sectors. NTS has custodianship of many of Scotland’s iconic landscapes and locations which are key to rebuilding and recovering our economic and cultural life, they can’t do that if they are closed.”

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