Technology IT People Framework Changes

01 Jul 2019

Across the Technology IT, there are changes to be introduced under the People Framework.

The union has now been informed of the organisation design for the remaining D and E level roles in the IT area of Technology. This is the last major area of Technology to be aligned with the People Framework, a process that began in October 2018. Furthermore, the business is now in a position to consult the union and employees on the changes that are being made at D and E levels.

This is one of the largest reorganisations that the union has had to deal with in Technology, under the wider programme to introduce the People Framework. Across Technology IT there are 906 employees in scope. The vast majority of these roles (883) are ‘lift-and-shift’ and by definition involve no selection process. Furthermore, there are 131 D level roles and 71 E level roles in this area which are new or continuing vacancies. There are also two additional C level roles as part of this reorganisation which have transferred in from Enterprise CTIO.

Technology IT have informed the union that there are a small number of roles which will be ceased or reducing (19) under the new structure being proposed. The post-holders in these roles will not be deemed to be ‘at risk’ of redundancy given the large number of new and vacant roles that the business has in this area. Furthermore, Prospect have reiterated the point that we have made throughout the wider reorganisation in Technology, in that the company must take a more proactive approach to finding displaced members a role. Indeed, it would be absurd for a company currently employing over 1,500 agency staff and using thousands of sub-contractors to argue that they were unable to find alternative roles for those who wished to remain part of the business.

Whilst the union welcomes the decision not to invoke a redundancy exercise in IT we are, once again, very concerned at the approach Technology are taking to some members who have been adjudged to be ‘over the range’ for the career level they have now been placed in. A number of exceptions have been made for those who fall into this category, but nevertheless 26 employees are facing a reduction in their salary as a result of being ‘over the range’. As Prospect have stated on numerous occasions and as endorsed by our recent BT Conference, the union will never agree with unilateral pay reductions for our members. Indeed, irrespective of any final agreement that may be reached on the People Framework, we will continue to oppose this practice and will continue to provide support, advice and representation to those members challenging BT’s decision to reduce their pay.

Prospect recognises the stress and uncertainty that this announcement will cause to some members, in particular those that will be displaced under the new structure and those who are ‘over the range’ and facing pay cuts. For those displaced we will be doing all we can to ensure that no-one who wishes to remain with the business is compelled to leave. We will ensure that in line with the company’s reorganisation policy, negotiated with Prospect last year that the various mitigations listed in the document are considered before there is any contemplation of redundancies. These mitigations include looking at redeployment opportunities and filling roles currently performed, in very large numbers, by agency staff and contractors. Indeed, during the collective consultation the union will insist that the company is leaving no stone unturned to find alternative roles for displaced members. In addition to the mitigation measures the union has also agreed that if those displaced wish to leave the business they are able to do so on Enhanced Voluntary Redundancy terms (EVR).

Finally, over the course of the next few weeks the union will work closely with the company to monitor the outcomes from the Individual Consultation meetings and the selection process for those roles where there is competition. We will also be setting up calls for members impacted by roles ceasing/reducing and for those who are ‘over the range’. The company have set a provisional date of 1 September for completing this particular reorganisation, but Prospect has stressed that this cannot be a hard and fast date given the time of year. Furthermore, we have been assured by the company that there will be suitable flexibility in terms of the deadline, in circumstances where members are actively looking for and/or considering alternative roles. Throughout the individual consultation process members will have the right to trade union representation at meetings. Furthermore, you will have the right to reschedule meetings to ensure your representative is available to accompany you. If you do require representation then please contact us at