Unions write to IEP and Standards Commissioner asking for more sanctions against Kawczynsk

16 June 2021

The joint parliamentary trade unions have written to the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) and Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (PCS) asking for them to consider further action against Daniel Kawzcynski after an interview he gave to the BBC in relation to apologising to the House of Commons for bullying.

House of Parliament

Mr Kawczynski had been asked to apologise on the floor of the House of Commons for bullying members of staff.  His interview with BBC Shropshire about the matter, however, sought to undermine the very process which has led to the apology.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, said:

“Parliamentary unions have today written to the Independent Expert Panel  and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards asking for more action to be taken against Daniel Kawczynski MP after he  undermined a previous sanction imposed on him for bullying.

“Mr Kawczynski made an apology on the floor of the House for bullying members of staff but in an interview on BBC Shropshire he undermined the whole process by stating that he “had no alternative” but to make the apology. He went on to misrepresent the proceedings, calling into question the legitimacy of the IEP.

“For the independent system of complaints to operate it requires the full backing of the powers that be and the confidence of the House of Commons and those who work in it. 

“These comments call into question the good faith of the apology given and will cause further concern and distress amongst staff. It demonstrates a staggering level of self-regard and an ignorance of the standards of behaviour expected in a modern workplace. They risk bringing the reputation and standing of the House into further disrepute.

“Mr Kawczynski, after being found guilty of bullying, has undermined that confidence and the IEP and PCS should consider further sanctions against him.”

Public Services

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