Brexit and Heritage: Prospect’s position

Key issues

  • Impact on staffing of restrictions on movement/ability to work
  • Potential negative impact on art/object loans in/out and international collaboration
  • Potential negative impact on funding through loss of European-based grants

What we are doing

  • We are using our Brexit Heritage survey in industry-specific campaigning
  • We are supporting the wider Prospect campaign on reciprocal rights
  • We are currently developing a plan to reprise the very successful “Heritage in A Cold Climate” campaign

Reasons to join Prospect

  • Prospect is the leading union for heritage professionals.
  • Our campaigning and lobbying prioritises members’ concerns & draws on their experience and expertise.
  • Joining will help us to campaign by expanding our knowledge/increasing our expertise.
  • We are politically independent and speak without fear or favour on behalf of members.
  • Without proper funding guarantees and maintenance of international networks, future employment opportunities will be damaged.

Join Prospect

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