Brexit and Northern Ireland: Prospect’s position

Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast

Key issues

  • A hard border on the island of Ireland would be a disaster, not least given the risk of undermining the peace process, and Prospect are committed to campaigning to ensure that the border remains invisible.
  • This must mean that there are no additional checks on goods, agri-foods or people at the border and will involve significant regulatory alignment.

What we are doing

  • We are campaigning against any plan that would result in a hard border on the island of Ireland in the future.
  • We are championing the regulatory alignment and customs union that would remove the need for a hard border.

Reasons to join Prospect

  • Prospect represents workers across different sectors of the economy in Northern Ireland, and (in its Bectu sector) also represents freelance workers in the Republic of Ireland
  • Our Northern Ireland branches have consistently led the debate on Brexit within the union and have been instrumental in setting our policy
  • We are politically independent and campaign to support the interests of our members rather than for any specific political party or cause.
  • We provide legal guidance and support for our members and keep them informed about the implications of Brexit for their rights and their industry.

Join Prospect

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