Public and civil service pay

Prospect members in the civil service and wider public sector deserve to be fairly rewarded for their efforts, expertise, and the contribution they make to defending, protecting, supporting and enhancing all of our lives.

But over the past decade, Government pay policy has resulted in public servants’ salaries falling behind the cost of living as well as rates of pay for comparable positions in the private sector.

Prospect played a leading role in building pressure for the lifting of the Government pay cap, as well as winning additional pay uplifts in some areas. But we now face new challenges following the re-imposition of a public sector pay “pause”.

Prospect is working hard to

  • bargain for improvements to our members’ pay wherever we can
  • press for equal pay audits and action to address equal pay problems
  • lobby and campaign for the end of the pay “pause” and the establishment of an independent pay review body