Ambition: branding for a 21st century union

When Bectu joined Prospect in 2017, we wanted to bring the two unions together by creating one new, forward-looking brand. We wanted it to be aspirational and positive and to reflect our ambition to be a trade union for now and into the future.


The designs symbolise a worker’s journey as it unfolds. In a world of portfolio careers, where no job is for life anymore, people face many twists and turns throughout their working life.

Relevant to today

People today need to feel that trade unions are for them. To remain relevant we need to reflect and support the aspirations and ambitions of our workforce as well as promoting the power of collectivism.

We believe ambition is not the enemy of solidarity; rather solidarity is the platform on which ambitions are built and fulfilled. Our brand reflects this.

Resource downloads

Prospect and Bectu logo and social media packs

Prospect and Bectu video conference backgrounds

Prospect/Bectu bunting

Prospect/Bectu year planner and desktop calendar

Prospect/Bectu compliments slips in Word

Prospect/Bectu email signatures