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For many people, being a member of Prospect and getting the support and peace of mind that comes with being in a union is enough.

Many others choose to get even more active in their workplace, contributing to campaigns or supporting colleagues directly by becoming a rep.

Whatever you choose to do, there’s no “right” level of involvement and fellow Prospect members and union staff will always be there to support you.

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Here’s how you can get involved:

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How people are getting involved:

Why Paul joined Prospect

Paul Delaney, a National Trust Ranger from the Lake District, joined Prospect in 2003 when they were first recognised by the National Trust, and has been a big trade unionist his whole life, “I come from Northern Ireland where there’s a big trade union thing going on anyway, it seemed a natural thing to do.”

Having always been a member of a union, Paul says, “it seemed quite odd when I first joined the National Trust and they didn’t have a union,” so once Prospect was recognised in 2003, Paul described his decision to join as a “no brainer.”

The importance of joining a trade union is something that Paul encourages within his workplace at the National Trust, “I tell my colleagues, certainly our younger colleagues that trade union membership is important because it gives you a voice to your employer, it gives you an ability to influence your pay, your conditions, your health and safety.”

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How Usha became a rep

As well as achieving change for colleagues, being a Prospect rep gives you a level of confidence, experience and knowledge that helps you as an individual.

That’s the view of Usha Bhangu, a case handler in Prospect’s BT Leicester branch, who also sits on the union’s Consumer industrial relations committee (IRC).

Usha joined Prospect after moving into management and was spurred to get more involved when she encountered a boss with no understanding of people with disabilities.

“One of my team had an ill mother and heart problems, yet I was being pressured to put to put him on a performance plan. My work ethic told me this was wrong. My attitude was to challenge upwards rather than take their steer.”

She believes her insider knowledge of call centres makes her a better rep because she understands when things won’t work. “I feel confident to challenge back and I am not afraid to ruffle feathers if needs be.

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