Moving on? Stay with Prospect

Leaving your job doesn’t have to mean losing the protection or benefits of trade union membership.

If your circumstances change and you leave employment or change work, retaining your Prospect membership means you can still access our support and services.

And what’s more, if you are unemployed, on unpaid leave, on unpaid maternity/paternity leave or in between contracts you can retain your membership at a special discounted rate of £1.35 per month.

If you’re retiring for whatever reason, you can continue to be a trade union member as part of a retired members’ branch. Receive pension advice and network with other retired members in your area for just £3.74 per month.

Tell us if you’re leaving your job
or if your circumstances change

If you move from unemployment to paid work, please let us know. We will need to amend your membership status to ensure you can receive employment-related advice.

Many Prospect members change jobs frequently and retaining membership at a discounted rate means they continue to benefit from our support and services. As a Prospect member, if you are not in paid employment, you’ll continue to have access to:

  • free legal advice on a 24-hour helpline (non-employment issues)
  • free personal injury scheme for members and immediate family, with a 24-hour claim line
  • career development services
  • discounted insurance
  • free will-writing service
  • financial advice
  • support from the union’s benevolent fund
  • Prospect Plus exclusive discounts and offers – from car/travel insurance to discounted holidays.

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We can continue to support you when things change

Are you moving to new employer?

Prospect offer support and protection to employees regardless of whether we are officially recognised by the employer. We can even give you advice on the terms of your new employment contract, whether it’s a permanent or temporary post.

If you move jobs within the same sector, we may already represent employees in your new workplace and we can simply amend your existing Prospect membership. We can also advise and support you if you want to build the union in your workplace or fight for a recognition agreement.

If your new employer recognises another union we advise you to join that union, because they will have negotiating rights on your behalf.

Considering retirement? Let us help

Anyone retiring or resigning from employment, whatever their age, may become a retired member.

Although you will no longer have access to some work-related benefits such as advice on employment rights or personal injury, your retired membership at just £3.74 per month still entitles you, your spouse and dependants to:

  • Pensions advice
  • Continued access to a variety of member benefits
  • Opportunities to network amongst other retired members in your area.

Find out about the benefits of retired membership in our retired membership guide.

Taking maternity or paternity leave?

Your Prospect membership can continue through your maternity or paternity leave offering the same level of service and protection you are entitled to when in work. Your membership is free for the duration of your maternity/paternity leave.

Are you unemployed or in between contracts?

If you are not in employment for any reason you can still access many of the benefits of Prospect membership including advice on entitlement to state benefits and our career development service.

While you are out of work you will pay a reduced membership rate of just £1.35 per month.

Support if you are on a long-term sickness absence from work

If you cannot continue work due to a long-term health condition you can remain a Prospect member. If you are not receiving a salary we can offer you free membership so you can benefit from Prospect’s support.

Do you need to speak to somebody
about your membership?

Our Membership Contact Centre is open between 8.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Call 0300 600 1878 or email [email protected]