Moving on? Stay with Prospect

Whether you’re changing jobs, in-between contracts or getting ready to retire, you don’t have to resign your Prospect membership. We can stay with you during those times;

  • moving to a different employer to take up a new job
  • training for a change of career
  • temporarily unemployed in between contracts
  • facing redundancy and haven’t yet found a new position
  • retiring

Tell us if your circumstances change

  • Call us on 0300 600 1878
  • Email us at
  • Login to the Prospect members area and update your details.

If you move from unemployment to paid work, please let us know. We will need to amend your membership status to ensure you can receive employment-related advice.

A new employer?

If your new employer recognises another union we advise you to join that union, because they will have negotiating rights on your behalf. But where this isn’t the case, you can simply retain your Prospect membership.

We can even give you advice on the terms of your employment contract; all designed to help you get a better deal from your new employer (this goes for members on individual contracts, too).

Retiring? Let us help

You don’t have to be age 60 or over, you just need to be leaving employment, whether because of age, sickness or redundancy.

Retired membership entitles you, your spouse and dependants to:

  • Pensions advice
  • Continued access to a variety of member benefits
  • Opportunities to network amongst other retired members in your area.

Get in touch via the details above to notify us that you’re retiring and find out more about retired membership.

When you notify Prospect of your retirement you will automatically be invited to continue in retired membership. Anyone retiring or resigning from employment, whatever their age, may become a retired member.

Retired membership disclaimer

Prospect members need to continue their membership within six months of retiring to be eligible for the benefits of retired membership.

Retired members are not entitled to work-related benefits, such as advice on employment rights, personal injury or official inquiries arising from work undertaken whilst in retired membership, nor do they have access to the death benefit scheme.

Find out more in our retired membership guide.