Training for reps

We have a variety of training courses for reps to help you thrive in your chosen field. We offer three levels of training; this provides a manageable and phased approach to your learning and enables the union to support you at every stage of your role.

All courses are available both in the classroom and online. Please speak to your organiser about your preference as we plan our courses according to demand. 

By taking part in the training, you will feel better equipped to help and advise your union members as they tackle the many challenges that face workers today. You’re also providing a visibility, relevance and skill set to ultimately promote Prospect in your workplace as a force for good. What’s more, you’ll be gaining a host of transferable skills which can help you develop in your own career.

Prior to attending any training, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with the induction for all new reps – see materials below.

Induction materials

This will provide an overview of why workplace representatives are so vital to your union. Read over the reps’ handbook, which will provide all the types of rep role you may consider taking on and the possible expectation as well as the links from our website in case you have further questions. Please also watch the video from Mike Clancy, our general secretary, on the real difference workplace representatives like you can make.

Welcome letter

Reps’ Handbook

What are reps?

Become a rep

Integral courses for new reps

Following the induction, new reps must choose to take our Reps part 1: Key skills training or How to be an effective health and safety rep (or both!), dependent on the pathway you choose initially.

Reps part 1: Key skills for union reps

How to be an effective health and safety rep

Courses are are available online and in person. Please speak to your organiser about your preference so we can run courses with the maximum attendance possible.

Next steps for active reps

As a union rep, you can choose where you want to specialise. You can specialise in multiple areas if you like. When you have completed one of the integral courses listed above, you can choose one of the next steps courses below.

Reps part 2: Handling personal cases
(Not available to freelancers)

Bargaining for a mentally healthy workplace

Bargaining for a sustainable workplace

Effective campaigning for union reps

Effective organising for union reps

How to be an effective branch

How to be an effective communication rep

How to run an effective meeting

How to take effective minutes

Introduction to equalities

Introduction to pensions

Negotiation skills

Public speaking/Getting ready for conference

If you would like to express an interest in participating in our training, or to book a training place, please contact your organiser in the first instance.

Further training for experienced reps

We also have some advanced courses for Reps, so once you’ve completed a course from the next steps section above, you may wish to further your skills by attending any listed below.

Employment law

Formal hearing training

Other courses available

As Prospect is affiliated to the TUC, please see further courses available  –  ensure the branch can accommodate the training with any possible costs and note facility time may not always be applicable. The ACAS link will provide more details around facility time and if in doubt, please contact your full time officer.

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