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The world of work is changing.
When we stand together in a union, we can improve
job security, pay, and conditions, and thrive together.
  • Improve your safety at work, ensuring support from your employer if you do become sick.
  • We’re negotiating with the government for fair treatment for our members affected by the pandemic.
  • Expert advice, support and representation should you have a problem at work.
  • We have over 150,000 members across a wide range of industries – a powerful network for your career.
  • Save cash with our members-only deals.
  • Fighting to protect our members’ jobs in 2022.

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Most members pay less than £15/month. See example rates

Who are Prospect members?

We are archaeologists, telecoms engineers, air traffic controllers, tech workers, public servants, energy experts, museum curators, environment specialists, nuclear scientists, freelancers, education professionals, highways workers, meteorologists and so many more.

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Most members pay less than £15/month

Membership rates are based on your pay and job. We’ll calculate your exact rate during the sign up process, but here’s roughly what you can expect to pay for Prospect membership:

  • If you make £12,000 a year, it’s about £5/month.
  • If you make £24,000, it’s about £10/month.
  • Members making £36,000 a year pay around £15/month.
  • No member pays more than £18.36/month.
  • Students are £10/year.
  • There’s a reduced rate of £1.28/month for unemployed members.
  • All members get a £10 bonus or charity donation for recruiting another member.

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