What we stand for

As a trade union, we are passionate about all the key issues that affect our members.


We believe that all workplaces, and society generally will benefit from an inclusive environment.

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Prospect has a proud tradition of leadership and activity on environmental issues. We have helped to shape policies and action at a UK level through the Trades Union Congress, and internationally through our global union federations.

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Health and safety

Prospect is committed to promoting health, safety and welfare at work and protecting people from workplace accidents and injury. We want workers to enjoy healthy lives and good work in which they can flourish.

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Charitable causes

Prospect members have a long track record of generous contributions to charitable work.

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Prospect is politically independent – we are not affiliated to any political party: our rules expressly forbid this. We do, however, have a political fund.

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Prospect represents thousands of scientists working for many different employers. Their knowledge and expertise informs our campaigning and lobbying work on science policy issues.

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Where we are

Though we are headquartered in London, Prospect has a presence across the UK.

English regions

We have six offices across England, in Bristol, Chertsey, Liverpool, Lutterworth, Wakefield, and our London headquarters.

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With more than 12,300 Prospect members living and working in Scotland across both the private and public sector, Prospect in Scotland is much more than just a microcosm of the UK.

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Northern Ireland

Prospect has around 1,700 members in Northern Ireland. They work for a range of employers including the BBC, BT, Big Lottery Fund, Met Office, Ministry of Defence, NATS, National Trust, UTV and more.

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Prospect’s Cardiff office is the union’s base in Wales from which it negotiates with many employers across both the public and private sectors.

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Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man

Prospect has many members in the crown dependencies of Guernsey and Jersey. Some work for the islands’ own civil service organisations; others work for employers such as Guernsey Electricity and Sure (formerly Cable & Wireless).

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Who’s who

Details of those who govern and manage the union, and your organising team, who have regular, day-to-day contact with members.


The National Executive Committee (NEC) conducts the business of the union in line with the policies set by our national conference.

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Senior Management Team

Led by general secretary Mike Clancy, our senior management team manages the day to day running of the union, including finance, resources, organisational development, research, legal and communications.

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Organising team

Prospect’s organisers work with branches to help them recruit and organise in their workplace.

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