Prospect’s Aviation Group covers 5,000 members working across the industry, in roles ranging from air traffic management through licensed aircraft engineers to fire officers.

Key employers include:

  • NATS
  • Airport operators – from Heathrow and Gatwick to Highlands & Islands.
  • Airlines – including Easyjet, Virgin and BMI.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority (the regulator).

The vast majority of our members work in safety-critical and safety related roles. This gives Prospect a unique perspective and enables us to use our members’ deep expertise when contributing to policy and practice in the industry.

Between us, Prospect’s branches and our Aviation Group are an important and respected voice within the industry and within government – in the UK and, of course, within Europe.


We work within a framework set out in the union’s policy for sustainable aviation – highlighting the risks posed by the industry’s move to a ‘no frills’/low cost model. While passengers might welcome cuts in ticket prices, are the threats to safety standards, reliability, employment standards and the environment a price worth paying?

Protecting Air Traffic Controllers’ rights

During 2016, the major European airlines launched a campaign to limit the effectiveness of industrial action in air traffic control. They argue that ATC strikes have a huge economic cost. This persuaded some influential European politicians to propose EU legislation restricting the right to strike. With our European partners, Prospect has mounted a campaign to rebut the airlines’ arguments and to fight for members’ basic rights.

Prospect policy documents


We have a growing library of reports, submissions and policy positions on issues affecting the industry.

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