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Freelancers and the self-employed

We provide support, resources and expertise to over 20,000 freelance and self-employed members

There has never been a more exciting, or uncertain, time to be a self-employed worker. As the world changes around us, new opportunities are opening up everyday and Prospect is here to help you to forge a strong path into the future, as well as support you in your career now . 

Across our Prospect and Bectu sectors we provide support, resources and expertise to over 20,000 self-employed members. We ensure that our members have the same work place support as everyone else and advise them on workplace topics and issues. We provide:

  • Independent, impartial advice on issues such as discrimination or tax.
  • Negotiated deals on insurance and other financial products which can save you significant sums of money in the long run.
  • Guidance on dealing with the admin side of things, so your job doesn’t turn into a nightmare of stress and paperwork.
  • Ensuring that you’re treated fairly by temporary employers, including chasing monies owed.
  • Fighting for a new deal for freelancers and the self-employed.

We believe that we’re stronger when we come together and share knowledge and support.

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Workers in Britain who are self-employed 4.2m
Freelance members of Prospect 20,000+

Data Protection for Freelancers

Guidance on data protection law. Available exclusively for members. If you’re not yet a member join today.
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Atypical workers and employment

Guidance for freelancers, consultants or members working on variable or ‘zero hours’ contracts.
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Support with your finances

Access advice and information on contracts, monies owed, pensions and more.
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News and analysis

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Resources for self-employed members

Tax for freelancers: A guide to Prospect members
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Prospect/Bectu Small Claims Guidance
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