Recruiting new members

Why is recruitment so important?

We don’t just want to maintain our existing membership – we want to grow. The more members we have, the stronger we are. A workplace with 90% membership is in a much stronger position to resist an unwelcome management proposal than one with 60% membership.

Organising to maintain and strengthen our voice means engaging members and recruiting your colleagues who are not in the union – all reps have the ability to do this.

The branches that are most effective at recruiting have two obvious characteristics:

  • they see recruitment as a task for everybody – not just certain reps, or even all reps, but all members
  • they have a high profile in the workplace: their activities, local communications and the respect in which they are held by management as well as staff mean they are central to working life in that area.

Member recruit Member

Our Member recruit Member scheme rewards those who persuade their colleagues to join the union. For every new colleague recruited, members can choose a £10 shopping voucher or make a donation to charity.

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Why should people join?

If you ask someone why they are not in a trade union, the most common answer is that they have never been asked. Another frequent response is that the union isn’t effective in their workplace. As a Prospect rep you can help overcome both these concerns by focusing on the good things that Prospect does:

  1. We provide expert, independent advice when you need it. As a Prospect member, you can access one-to-one employment law, contract and workplace advice at any time throughout your career.
  2. We can negotiate your pay, terms and conditions. If we have enough members in one workplace, we will negotiate with the employer to get a better deal for everyone. We can also help individuals who might have an equal pay claim – for example where men are paid more than women for the same work.
  3. We support your career. Prospect offers training, mentoring, networking and the opportunity to have a voice in your industry. With more than 145,000 members, we can connect you to other successful people in your field.
  4. We save you money. Prospect provides financial discounts to members that can more than cover the cost of your annual subscription. These include university discounts, collective energy switching, a free 24-hour legal line, free financial advice, insurance deals and much more.
  5. We pay your legal fees. Your legal fees will be paid in full if you have a good case for representation in a court or employment tribunal – for example, if you’re unfairly made redundant, fired, or discriminated against. This includes the cost of counsel to represent you where required (subject to Prospect’s terms and conditions for legal support).