More than 3,600 Prospect members help to maintain law and order throughout the UK.

Prospect has more than 3,600 members working in a broad range of organisations that are essential to maintaining law and order throughout the UK.

Their input is key across all parts of the judicial system, from departmental policy and criminal investigation through to court proceedings and the penal and probationary systems.

Their expertise spans a variety of specialist roles from forensic scientists to justices’ clerks, serious fraud investigators to prison service chaplains and psychological assistants.

The union has members throughout the Ministry of Justice – one of the country’s biggest departments – as well as in smaller private companies such as LGC, formerly the Laboratory of the Government Chemist before privatisation and now a provider of investigative, diagnostic and measurement services.

Another key membership area for Prospect within the justice sector is the Metropolitan Police Service where the union represents around 1,000 specialist police staff including fingerprint officers, blood spatter scientists, ballistics specialists, explosive experts, e-forensics specialists (including data retrieval from computers and mobile phones), crime scene examiners and collision investigators, photographers, technicians, health and safety officers, estates managers and surveyors, and custody nurse practitioners.

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