Meet the NEC

Prospect’s National Executive Committee oversees the work of the union. Find out more about the members that make up the NEC below.

Alan Grey

Alan has worked for the Ministry of Defence for 48 years, having started as an apprentice. He has been a member of Prospect for 42 years, on the NEC since 1992 and had two spells as President. Alan is interested in the longevity of Prospect, seeing the union adapt to the ever-changing work environment and evolve to meet emerging challenges; a union not scared to seek out opportunities to grow membership wherever and however they work and expand the support provided. He brings his experience of being on the Presidential Team twice and decades of national negotiations with the MOD.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith has been fighting and sometimes winning battles with employers ever since he was 18.  On leaving his first job at a high street bank he pointed out the rules on leave to the assistant manager. He called Alan a barrack room lawyer, but Alan took this as a compliment whilst he enjoyed his extra weeks leave previously denied him. Onto Customs and Excise soon becoming a union rep and leading a work to rule over shift patterns and winning. Fast forward a few years university then working for BT as a Senior Researcher looking at future networks. The lure of union work proved difficult to resist: that constant need to fight against injustice, helping people at work. He is a case handler, fanatical about recruiting new members, has focused on getting young members active in the union and is now the chair of the BT Technology Industrial Relations Committee.

Anastasia Ahern

Anastasia works in the Royal Opera House Wig and Make-Up Department. She has been on various Bectu committees over the past twenty-six years. She is keen on the development of strategies to improve the lot of the lower paid worker, and also address the long-hours culture. Building and organising stronger branches is also very important to her. Anastasia firmly believes that the union belongs to its members and that membership should be at the very heart of the decision-making process. Fairness, transparency and democracy should be integral to this process.

Andy Mooney

Andy joined NATS as an engineer in 1987 where he is now a line manager of a small team. He initially became a local rep in 1990, progressing within a short period to the Branch Executive, where he has been Branch Secretary for many years. An NEC member since 1998, a long-standing member of the Finance and Audit and Campaign and Communications Committees, Andy has a particular interest in the evolution of how Prospect engages and supports members and develops the capability of representatives such as through the website, social media and the Member Contact Centre.”

Audrey Uppington

Audrey works for Sellafield Ltd as a full-time Prospect Branch Negotiations Officer. She previously worked in the company’s finance department.  She was first elected to the NEC in May 2006. Audrey chairs the NEC pensions committee and the Nuclear Development Group, is Vice Chair of the Energy Sector Executive and is on the Finance and Audit Committee. Audrey is keen to ensure Prospect continues to influence Government policy, remain financially viable, and provides high-quality services with professional representation for our members. She is particularly interested in addressing energy policy, recruitment and organisation, equality and diversity and pension matters.

Christine Danniell

I have a degree in Business and Finance and in my spare time I enjoy exploring local ancient forests. I am employed by BT as a Commercial Manager working on Bids and Pricing. I have been involved with Prospect for over 15 years, initially as a Caseworker supporting members, and providing guidance; this has and will always be my passion. I want to see my union grow, and remain relevant and responsive. My focus this year is to encourage new members to join and be active at all levels of the Union

Craig Marshall

Craig works for EDF as a full-time lay official as Secretary to the National Joint Council. He has been active at national level since 2003. He is chair of the Committee for Organisation, Recruitment and Education and sits on the Finance and Audit and Pensions committees. Craig is also president of Electricity Supply Industry sector executive.

Eamonn Guilfoyle

Eamonn Guilfoyle works for the Office for Nuclear Regulation. A member of the trade union since 2012, he first became active at a national level when he joined the YPN committee in 2018. He retains a particular interest in speaking-up on the priorities of young professionals and to help Prospect recruit young workers

Eleanor Wade

Ele works at the Intellectual Property Office as a Senior Patent Examiner specialising in building and construction technology.  She is branch chair there and was first elected to Prospect’s NEC in 2014.  Ele’s priorities for Prospect are:

  • Securing financial stability and building confidence in our projections,
  • Accountability and transparency in decision making,
  • Ensuring that at every level of our union differences of opinion are handled well and constructively to reach outcomes that work for our members,
  • Holding ourselves to the values we ask of others.
Faisal A Qureshi

Faisal A. Qureshi has worked on a variety of productions on various roles over a two-decade career. As a scriptwriter, he has developed projects in the US and UK. As a researcher, Faisal has worked on factual and drama productions.  Faisal is secretary for the North West Freelance Branch of Bectu and is also chair of the Bectu Black Members Subcommittee where he played an active part in the successful Move On Up scheme and the Theatre Diversity Action Plan. Faisal is credited as Associate Producer on Four Lions, The Day Shall Come and Leaving Neverland.

Freddie Brown

Freddie works for the Ministry of Defence as a photographer. He has been active at national level since 2000. Freddie chairs the equal opportunities advisory committee. He is also interested in training and health and safety.

Garry Swift

I work for Magnox Ltd as a full time Prospect rep, I am branch President and a former President of the ESI sector committee, I have been a trade union member all my working life and joined Prospect in 2005 and became the Magnox full time rep in 2017 and was elected to the NEC in the same year. I have a particular interest in equality, energy policy and ensuring we represent members within the increasingly important renewable’s industry. Developing the union and supporting new and existing members is a priority for us all, the way trade unions are perceived and the service we provide will have to be adapted to reflect a changing workforce, we also need to continue to lobby government on a balanced energy policy, this is something I am keen to move forward and use my expertise in the energy generation and supply industry to promote the prospect energy policy.

Geoff Fletcher

Geoff is employed as a workplace inspector for the Health and Safety Executive. He has been an active trade unionist for many years and is currently a senior officer in his branch and the President of Prospects Public Services Sector (nine years in post). He is committed to ensuring the union is continuously improving through enhanced representation and service to members, wider democratic accountability/transparency and a sustainable financial stability.

George Ryall

George Ryall works for UK Research and Innovation at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Didcot in Oxfordshire. He works within the Scientific Computing Department there. George has been a member of the NEC since 2018 and of the Public Sector Executive Committee since 2017. He is particularly interested in UK Science policy and how it affects our members. He is keen to support the development of new reps and the recruitment of new members, particularly from those new to the workforce.

James Leppard

James works as a cyber security analyst in the defence industry and brings experience in science, technology, organising and campaigns, with a track record of volunteering in the trade union movement and his local community. Active at national level in Prospect since 2010 and is particularly interested in: working with members who are scientists, technologists or who have specialised career encouraging equality and diversity in our workplaces and representative structures protecting and strengthening opportunities, employment and working conditions for Prospect members moving forward with branding, digital communications and data science best practice and organising campaigns, training and services.

James Yu

James Yu is a longstanding member and representative of Prospect union. He works for SP Energy Networks as an innovation advocate. He is keen to ensure that union represents the interests of our members and take clear leadership on the critical challenges of our time: the burgeoning industrial revolution is an opportunity to raise our members’ professions to new heights. He has particular interests in: a proactive reskilling, increasing membership density and digital strategy. As a member of an ethnic minority, he is devoted to equal opportunities for members.

Jessica Bryan

Jessica works for the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA), and is currently the Archaeologist Branch Chair. Jessica has been a rep for seven years, has held positions within the MOLA section, and is currently H&S Rep. Being part of the Union helps us to create fair, equal, safe and engaging workplaces where all individuals and groups are valued for their skills and expertise.

Jim Henderson

Jim works for the Forestry Commission as Chair of the Forestry Commission Trade Unions. Elected to the Civil Service Sector in 1997 to 2019 and active at NEC level since 2014, Jim is particularly interested in working on Health & Safety and on matters that affect smaller, dispersed branches. It is important the Prospect can reach members in remote locations and help them find ways to promote, develop, and support new/existing members. Expanding and supporting such members will be critical to the continued healthy state of the union.

Kathryn Sosville

Kathryn Sosville works for Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd as an Independent Assessor and has a desire to do her part for the membership of Prospect. Kathryn has been active since 2013 and has been gradually expanding her activity into the national level. She is particularly interested in ensuring that Prospect continues to adapt to changes in our society so that the union maintains its viability and continues to support our members by using technology to communicate, to retain and recruit new members and can flexibly respond to changes which affect us nationally across a vast range of employment issues.

Neil Hope-Collins

Neil has been active at national level since 2006 and as one of HM Inspectors of Health & Safety working for the Health & Safety Executive has had professional dealings with Prospect members across several industry sectors.  Neil has an interest in effective governance and works with third sector organisations providing training and support in this area.  On the NEC he has tried to improve the connections between branches and members, believing that though we all take pride in what makes us distinct, there is in fact far more that unites us across the union than we often recognise.

Peter Lawrence

Pete Lawrence works for Babcock International’s Devonport Royal Dockyard in Plymouth. This is Pete’s first term as a National Executive member. Pete is particularly interested in the defence sector and is keen to see increased government funding in this area and an end to the non-UK outsourcing of manufacturing and engineering support services to this sector. In addition to this Pete is passionate about ensuring our members receive the support they need at the time that they need it and in his new role is looking forward to gaining a better understanding of how this can be improved.

Philip O’Rawe

Philip is a freelance IT consultant, having recently left BT after working there for over 30 years and being a union rep for nearly all of that time. He is based in Belfast. His main interests are in recruitment and organisation, equal opportunities, new technology / the future of work, pensions and the environment.

Satnam Ner

Satnam Ner works as a Radiation Safety Specialist for Babcock International at their Rosyth site in Scotland. He has been active at national level since 2006.  Satnam is a past President of the Scottish TUC and is currently a member of the Fair Work Convention where he seeks to promote the Convention aims by demonstrating the wide-ranging benefits of trade union collective bargaining across all employment sectors. As well as being a long-standing advocate for promoting equality and addressing under-representation, Satnam is particularly interested in working with employers and unions to widen access to STEM careers.

Steve Dickson

Steve Dickson works as a general manager for BT and has been active as a senior negotiator since 2006 and at NEC level since 2018. He has considerable experience working with employers and members on matters that affect pay, pensions and reward. Steve has a keen interest on how the union can support and engage members by maximising social media and technology to provide a high class consistent standard of service. He is keen to ensure we continue to grow as a modern agile union, fit to support members in a rapidly changing world that faces increasing social and environmental challenges.

Steve Grey

I have worked for the British Film Institute since 1985.I am a member of the Bectu Sector SEC and has been active at a national level since the merger of Prospect and Bectu and is committed to working with NEC colleagues on all matters that affect members. I want to help grow and develop the union that reflects its members and their ambitions, giving the best possible support to both existing and new members – who bring with them their own knowledge, expertise and experiences – with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for all members.

Steve Nicholson

I work at Sellafield Ltd, where I am the Branch President. I have actively supported the Nuclear Industry both locally and nationally and was elected onto the NEC in 2018 and it is a privilege to be re-elected this year. I am actively involved in a couple of NEC sub committees – Campaigns and Communications and the Winning for Members group. We face uncertain times going forward but, collectively we can all make a difference, by assuring Prospect has a voice in your own workplace and on the national platform.

Tasos Zodiates

Tasos works for EDF Energy as a Radiological Analysis Engineer. He has been active at national level since 1995. He is particularly interested in working to ensure that Prospect is well placed, organised and financially sound to represent members’ interests at the workplace but also within the wider industry where members work and with the government.

Tracey Russell

Tracey Russell works at The National Theatre as a prop maker. Became Branch Sec in 2013 and Chief Steward in 2017. She is a member of The Bectu Art’s and Entertainment Division. Sits on The Bectu Sector SEC. The amalgamation of Prospect and Bectu has opened up a great opportunity to discuss issue with other committed Trade Unionist from vastly diverse areas.  Tracey has led recent campaigns at the National Theatre around Diversity and Racial Discrimination, Gender Pay gap, stress and long hours and replacing a culture of the over use of zero hour, casual work to permanent employment and full employment rights.