Expert advice and career support

Prospect provides our members with expert advice and support at work and outside it. As a member of Prospect you’ll have access to legal services, career support and training and professional representation.

Expert advice

Prospect is uniquely placed to assist with problems at work. In most areas we know the organisation you work for and the terms and conditions that apply to employees.

Advising and supporting members at work is a fundamental part of what we do. Our workplace knowledge, combined with our legal expertise, provides you with an invaluable service ranging from initial advice through to legal representation at court.

If you are not a trade union member, the costs for such support and advice could be high. Most of our members pay less than £15 per month – less than the price of a round of drinks – and are safe in the knowledge that through various points in their career, they have access to a wealth of advice from trained professionals.

We can negotiate your pay, terms and conditions

If we have enough members in one workplace, we’ll negotiate with the employer to get a better deal for everyone.

We can also help individuals who might have an equal pay claim – for example where men are paid more than women for the same work.

With a strong history of fighting for and securing significant wins on pay and terms and conditions, Prospect can help you earn what you deserve. We can also ensure your terms and conditions enable you to thrive in your place of work.

For example, we secured a 4.5% pay rise for 8,000 National Trust employees; secured a deal which virtually eliminated the gender pay gap at the Met Office; and in August 2019 negotiated one of the highest pay increases in the public sector for staff at the Tate.

Prospect‘s legal services

As well as work-related advice and support, your Prospect membership gives you access to a high-quality, responsive and effective range of non-work related legal services.

Our legal advice scheme covers:

  • Free legal advice and assistance on employment matters
  • 24-hour legal helpline provides advice on non-employment matters
  • Personal injury advice and representation (service extends to members’ families for accidents away from work)
  • Criminal law advice
  • Low cost conveyancing
  • Contract advice

Furthermore if Prospect members get unfairly made redundant, fired, or discriminated against, we’ll pay their legal fees.

Discrimination in the workplace, unfair redundancies and dismissals still happen in the workplace. However, non union members often struggle to afford to take on their employer if they’re unfairly treated. If you become a member of Prospect, you won’t be one of those people.

Last year, we recovered millions of pounds for members in court cases, without them having to pay any money. Some cases saw individual members awarded tens of thousands of pounds. Find out more, or if you’re a member login to access these benefits.

Career support

Prospect training

Prospect gives you exclusive access to training, mentoring and networking. We have a dedicated training team and provide regular opportunities for networking and mentoring.

The more you get involved in the union, the more beneficial it can be for your career. For example, you could get opportunities to make connections with senior people in your company or industry leaders.

Reps are offered in-depth training which is designed not only to help them be a good rep for members in their branch, but to develop skills that can help them thrive in their career. Find out more.


UnionLearn is an arm of the TUC, dedicated to promoting union learning. It is responsible for managing the Union Learning Fund and produces a range of publications and other materials to aid individuals with their own learning and development.

Engineering job opportunities

Prospect is working in partnership with Talent Retention Solution (TRS) to give members direct access to jobs and employers in the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector.

TRS aims to keep skilled people in UK jobs and create a vacancy platform for the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector, including aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, defence, energy, marine, manufacturing, nuclear, power generation and renewables.

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