The Prospect National Executive Committee (NEC) conducts the business of the union in line with the policies set by our national conference.

It manages the union’s affairs between conferences and normally meets five times a year. The powers of the NEC are laid out in Prospect’s rules.

There are 28 working members. This includes four office-holders – the president, vice-president and two deputy vice-presidents (the ‘presidential team’) – plus the general secretary.

The general secretary has no voting rights. Senior Prospect staff may attend NEC meetings in an advisory capacity, but they have no voting rights.

In addition, two retired members are elected by the Retired Members’ Group to attend the NEC as observers and advisers. They do not have voting rights.

Members of the Young Professionals Network (YPN) are also invited to each meeting to observe and experience how the NEC works. YPN observers are also allocated a mentor from the NEC to enhance their development.

The NEC is elected by working members from a list of candidates nominated by branches every two years. It serves from the conclusion of one national conference until the conclusion of the next.

The elected members do not represent particular branches or professions, but are elected to look after the interests of the whole membership.

The president, vice-president and deputy vice-president are elected every two years from among the voting members of the NEC by a ballot of branches at national conference.

The NEC has a number of sub-committees to help it conduct its business. Each of these may set up panels or working parties reporting to them on particular aspects of their work and some of them invite direct participation by reps from branches.

Who’s who on the NEC

President: Eleanor Wade

Eleanor works for the Intellectual Property Office as a senior patent examiner. Eleanor was first elected to the NEC in 2014 and is particularly interested in equality and diversity.

Vice-president: Neil Hope-Collins

Neil works for the Health and Safety Executive and was first elected to the NEC in May 2008.

Deputy vice-president: Christine Danniell

Christine is employed by BT as a Commercial Manager working on bids and pricing. Christine has been involved with Prospect for over 15 years.

Other NEC members

  • Anastasia Ahern
  • Freddie Brown
  • Jessica Bryan
  • Christine Danniell
  • Steve Dickson
  • Geoff Fletcher
  • Alan Grey
  • Steve Grey
  • Eamonn Guilfoyle
  • James Henderson
  • Peter Lawrence
  • James Leppard
  • Craig Marshall
  • Andy Mooney
  • Satnam Ner
  • Steven Nicholson
  • Philip O’Rawe
  • Faisal A Qureshi
  • Tracey Russell
  • George Ryall
  • Kathryn Sosville
  • Alan Smith
  • Garry Swift
  • Audrey Uppington
  • James Yu
  • Tasos Zodiates
  • Raymond Arrowsmith
  • David Harding

Find out more about the NEC members

Bectu Sector Executive Committee

  • John Handley (chair)
  • Richard Avis
  • Christine Bond
  • Darrell Briggs
  • Iain Dawson
  • Mike Dick
  • Andrew Evans
  • Keith Flett
  • Andrea Gauld
  • Stephen Grey
  • Liz Hardwick
  • Glen Keane
  • Vidya Krishnamurthy (job share)
  • Tom Machell
  • Philip O’Rawe
  • Gary Painter
  • Nicholas Ray
  • Tracey Russell
  • Caroline Sansom
  • Mark Steele
  • Ian Stewart
  • Angus Wheeler-Rowe
  • Nicole Young (job share)

Sub-committees 2018-2020

Health and safety

NEC members: Gordon Hutchinson (chair), Jim Henderson, Tom James, Ian Stewart.

Lay reps: Richard Clatworthy (Western Power Distribution), Steve Crothers (UKRI), Catherine Donaldson (EFRA), Mhairi Duffy (Health and Safety Executive), Lorna Evans (YPN representative), Tom Hares (Sadler’s Wells), Brian Lewthwaite (Ministry of Defence), Ben Pye (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Bal Singh (BT), Ken Trapp (National Grid).

Communications and campaigns

NEC members: Ele Wade (chair, presidential team), Neil Hope-Collins (presidential team), Alan Grey, Andy Mooney, Steve Nicholson, James Leppard.

Lay reps: Lloyd Collier (Diamond Light Source), Richard Hogben (Met Office), Paul Sharples (BT), Debbie Wilson (Sellafield), Barrie Worth (CMD General), Plus YPN member to be confirmed.

Science, engineering and sustainability advisory

NEC members: Neil Hope-Collins (chair, presidential team), Elinor Harrison, James Leppard, George Ryall

Lay reps: Martin Aylett (BT), Phil Brown (Met Office), Aiden Dryden (EFRA), Ayoe Buus Hansen (Met Office), Andrew Meadley (Western Power Distribution), Helen Snaith (UKRI), Marcus Swift (Sellafield)

Branch rules working party

Neil Hope-Collins (presidential team), George Ryall (NEC), Ele Wade (presidential team)


NEC members: Audrey Uppington (chair), Christine Danniell, Steve Dickson, Tom James, Craig Marshall, Satnam Ner, Nigel Titchen, Tasos Zodiates

Lay reps: Tony Cox (CMD Regional), Keith Flett (BT), Jeff Rowlinson (Scottish regional), Peter Lewis (Atomic Weapons Establishment), Andrew Meadley (Western Power Distribution), Plus YPN member to be confirmed

Organisation, recruitment and education

NEC members: Craig Marshall (chair, presidential team), Alan Grey, James Leppard, Philip O’Rawe, Alan Smith

Lay reps: Lloyd Collier (Diamond Light Source), Barbara Shepherd (Sellafield), Mark Steele (BT)

Equal opportunities

NEC members: Freddie Brown (chair), Ele Wade (presidential team), Neil Hope-Collins (presidential team), Satnam Ner, Christine Danniell, Nigel Titchen

Lay reps: Amy Bishop (AWE), Linda Ford (Scottish Research Establishments), Alan Gooden (BT), Claire Mulally (BT), Rod Owen (UKRI)

Finance and audit

Ele Wade (chair, presidential team), Neil Hope-Collins (presidential team), Craig Marshall (presidential team), Christine Danniell, Andy Mooney, Nigel Titchen, Audrey Uppington, Tasos Zodiates