Prospect in private sector defence

Prospect’s presence in private sector defence is significant and growing. Our members are engaged across the industry carrying out roles as diverse as training soldiers through to maintaining the UK’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent.

Influence at local and national level

Our representatives and officers influence at a local and contract level, on all terms, conditions, pay and pensions. We also engage at a governmental level, lobbying for the protection and expansion of jobs, for increased expenditure to support well-paid roles with a secure future.

We meet regularly with employers across the supply chain and are viewed by our members and industry alike, as a voice for those who earn their living keeping the country safe by ensuring our armed forces have the very best. The best training, the best equipment, the best software, the best maintenance and the best support, both home and abroad, all supplied by the most qualified and experienced professionals.


Our branches are organised by employer so if you work where we’re organised, there will be Prospect representatives who understand your role and have the ear and respect of your employer. You’ll have the support of a full-time officer and a branch who will collectively and individually represent your interest with your democratic input.

Even if you’re on a personal or agency contract, we can help ensure you are treated correctly by your employer, advise on contract terms and assist with the all matters related to employment laws.

Defence Industry Group (DIG)

Launched in 2021, the DIG comprises of Prospect members from all our defence branches and workplaces. With a remit to expand our influence and membership in private sector defence, the DIG has the key aim of facilitating well paid, secure employment for professionals in the defence industry. We’re working with Government, employers and our members to make sure we keep UK defence jobs in the UK and that those jobs attract the best terms and conditions.

Read our report coinciding with the launch of our new Defence Industry Group.

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