How can you help prevent slips and trips at work?

Last updated: 04 Mar 2020
  • If you have an accident or a near miss, or notice something that is unsafe, report it to your employer. They should use this information to tackle the problem.
  • If you think of ways of preventing contamination, such as water or rubbish, from getting onto the floor, suggest them to your employer.
  • Ask your employer to mark slopes and changes of levels.
  • If you see a spillage, clean it up or arrange for it to be cleaned.
  • If you see items on the floor where someone could trip over them, remove them or arrange for them to be removed.
  • Report damaged flooring.
  • Report inadequate lighting.
  • Help keep the workplace tidy.
  • If you are given PPE, wear it and look after it. Report any faults or damage to your employer.

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