Prospect‘s mentoring programme

Last updated: 30 Nov 2021

Mentoring is a fantastic way to work with a more experienced professional to get clarity on your job prospects and to advance your career. Prospect and Bectu have operated a successful mentoring programme since 2012, with the union training over 50 members as mentors since this time, and we’ve seen the programme go from strength to strength. Mentors have gone on to support over 120 others over a range of programmes. We currently have several branch programmes running, where those more experienced are supporting union members who have expressed interest in additional support. The union’s current focus on ensuring both mentor and mentee work in the same sector is proving extremely valuable; we are seeing mentoring relationships thrive.

Being a mentor serves as a way to give back but also helps you to develop your own skills. As a Prospect or Bectu member, you can further your own learning and self-development not only through branch mentoring but also by participating in our vocational programme of courses and training. It’s a satisfying experience for both mentor and mentee. Being a mentee means you can look to your mentor to help you grow your skills, make better decisions and gain new perspectives on your life and career.

For more information, or to get involved, please email Jade Gordon, Vocational Training Officer: [email protected]

Case Study – Sheena’s Story

Picture of Sheena

‘Motivating, enthusiastic, wise, honest, positive, realistic, insightful, good humoured, genuinely enjoys supporting others and that always shone through.’ These are some of the words used by Sheena’s mentees on their experience of being involved in our union mentoring scheme.

Sheena has been involved in Prospect’s and, more recently, Bectu’s mentoring scheme since 2012.

Sheena states:

“As an HR professional, I wanted to support colleagues using the experience and skills I had to offer. During the life of the scheme I have worked with 16 mentees both in Prospect and Bectu.  It has been personally satisfying and interesting to mentor a variety of interesting people across different sectors. Many find it difficult to recognise what they have to offer: we so seldom get the opportunity to spend time to think about ourselves.  Starting with a personal ‘stocktake’ helps improve people’s self- confidence, refines their goals and helps them to move forward in their careers. 

I have found my involvement hugely rewarding both in observing my mentees progress, apply critical thinking to identify strengths, limitations and opportunities as well as getting together with other mentors, learning from them, and exchanging hints and tips.  It is very satisfying to know that my experience and skills have been of use to others”