Election 2024: Devolved nations

While this is a UK General Election, the policies contained on these pages include a range of reserved and devolved matters.

Where an issue is devolved in one or more of the nations then the content on this site should be read as affecting only the part of the UK Westminster legislates for on this matter.

As a union we want to see the next UK government do more to work collaboratively with the devolved governments and treat them with respect.

There are clear opportunities for the UK government to learn from the good practice that exists on engaging with workers and trade unions. This includes areas like fair work, just transition and deeper engagement with public service trade unions.

If and where workplace rights diverge across the UK, it must always be based on ‘levelling up’ for workers, and never as part of a deregulatory race to the bottom.

*Note: This page reflects current Prospect thinking. Prospect National Conference takes place in early June. Relevant new policy agreed at Conference will be reflected here shortly afterwards.

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