General election 2024

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With a general election on the horizon, here we collate Prospect’s priorities, driven by our members.

We have been campaigning on political issues for a number of years, both behind the scenes and in public. We are not affiliated to any political party, but we are politically active. This means we can campaign fiercely with, and on behalf of, our members.

As Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy says in his new blog, Prospect will continue to fight with our members in your workplaces and in Westminster.

Below you can find a series of policy asks to make work better in all our sectors, plus some areas which cut across all areas of the economy. When deciding who to vote for, consider your rights, union rights and what your future world of work looks like.

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Key policy areas

At Prospect we have been campaigning in these areas for a number of years and feel that they should be key priorities to making work better for the next government.

Prospect’s sectors

Prospect represents members in each of the following sectors and we have produced a manifesto for each sector:

News and comment

Our latest thoughts and analysis on the big political issues facing our members.