Energy Skills Hub

The road to net zero in the energy industry means that many workers will need new skills.

That’s why we’ve launched our Energy Skills Hub, to help energy sector workers refresh their skills, learn more about the transition to renewables and offer exclusive insight into employers who have done it right.

Whether it’s a move between business units in larger energy companies or the need to find a new job elsewhere, it’s clear that there are currently barriers to making this a just transition.

Waiting for this to happen is not an option. Workers affected today also need to be supported with investment in skills, employment protection and access to wider opportunities.

This is why Prospect has worked with major energy companies and Renewable UK, delivering events that will enable workers to:

  • learn about the transition to renewables;
  • ask questions of employers and peers who have already made the switch into renewables;
  • and refresh their job search, application, and interview skills.

We have just launched some new training courses between 31 January 2022 and 10 February 2022 for Prospect Energy reps and activists. Find out more

Energy skills  events are exclusive to Prospect members. Not a member? Join now.

Coal and oil powered plant closures in the past decade have resulted in the loss of 14,500 jobs
A further 48 coal and gas power plants are expected to close in the next decade, costing 10,500 more jobs

^ A Just Transition Plan for the UK Power Sector – October 2020

This work helps to bust some myths about the types of work available and the combination of skills and experience required. It also illustrates how use of sector-specific language and internal HR processes can act as unintended barriers to movement.

Of course, there are more significant barriers: Place really does matter for some roles and financial support will be needed for workers to retrain and relocate.

This is why Prospect is pressing for national, regional, and local co-ordination involving all stakeholders.

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