Free bitesize vocational learning

Join us on the latest iteration of the bitesize online programme. Courses to hone your professional and personal skills, from raising your LinkedIn profile, writing that outstanding CV, to job search techniques, plus introduction to Canva and Adobe packages.

Digital Recordings to complement our live Bitesize sessions listed below, there is now an expanding library of recorded videos and podcasts available to Prospect members covering career support, creative technical skills, digital skills and mental health and wellbeing.

Tuesday 28th September 2021 09:30-11:30

Introduction to Canva with Liz Hardwick

Participants: 25

Social Media sites are becoming increasingly intelligent with reports suggesting that the use of stock images may be hampering the all-important “reach” for small businesses. Creating unique images is a must, however many business owners find themselves in the unenviable position of not having the budget to outsource, nor the time to learn how to use programmes such as Photoshop. Well, there’s a solution, and it goes by the name of Canva.

This online and interactive seminar which will not only introduce you to the custom creation platform, but how to take full advantage of some of its most commonly used features to ensure you’re standing out above your competition. Whatever sector you’re in, you’re going to benefit from better imagery, in less time. Sign up here: Introduction-to-canva-with-liz-hardwick

Wednesday 29th September 2021 10:00-12:00

Ready to Step Up? Introducing Management Skills with Amie Tridgell and Kate Antoniou

Participants: 20

As your responsibilities become greater, or you feel ready to take a step up to the next level, you will find yourself managing more people or more elements of your project. This session takes a look at what taking that step up means from the perspective of your new position managing people or larger budgets. What skills does a manager need? Sign up here: Ready to Step Up? Intro Management Skills

Saturday 2nd October 2021 09:30-11:30

LinkedIn with Jo Lott

Participants: 20

Prospect Skills Team alongside qualified Career Coach, Joanna Lott, shares the latest techniques to find jobs efficiently and effectively. This course teaches you how to develop your profile and brand, seek advertised and unadvertised positions, network successfully to broaden your circle including LinkedIn, and work with recruiting professionals. Sign up here:

Monday 4th October 2021 16:00-18:00

Intro to Adobe Spark Video Editor with Liz Hardwick

Participants: 25

Adobe Spark is a simple-to-use and free version of the famous Adobe Creative Suite. With enough options, features and settings to get you started creating short videos and graphical content quickly, Spark is a great starter programme for people wanting to edit and create stylish and impactful videos with ease. This is an interactive session to learn simple editing techniques, how to structure video clips to maximum effect, create low-tech voice overs, and how to export ready for use on social media and online platforms. Sign up here: Introduction to Adobe Spark Video Editor

Thursday 7th October 2021 09:30-11:30

How to identify and develop your transferable Skills with Jo Lott

Participants: 20

Transferable skills are referred to often. However, it’s such a big topic area that the specific action you need to take to identify what they are and which you might like to develop for your future career isn’t always clear.

This workshop will help you to identify your transferable skills in a practical way that is personal to you.

We will then create a plan of action so you know which skills to leverage – the skills that will get you the job and those which will help you to keep the job. Sign up here: How-to-identify-and-develop-your-transferable-skills

Saturday 9th October 2021 09:30-11:30

How to ace an interview with Jo Lott

Participants: 25

Learn how to rock an interview and land your dream job. It all starts with research. You will learn how to research the organisation and the position so that you are prepared to speak about your suitability in a specific way. Demonstrating this level of preparation shows, rather than tells, just how motivated and excited you are for the role. Then discover how to prepare and practice using the STAR framework to deliver your answers. Sign up here: How to be great at interviews

Wednesday 13th October 09:30-11:30

Imposter Syndrome and a more assertive me with Kate Antoniou

Participants: 20

This session will explore what is meant by Imposter Syndrome and assertiveness, how it differs from aggressive and passive behaviour and how imposter syndrome makes it difficult to act assertively. The session will provide a number of tools and techniques to help you act assertively in your work roles and help build more inclusive workspaces. Sign up here: Imposter-syndrome-and-a-more-assertive-me

Thursday 14th October 09:30-11:30

Find your career Direction with Jo Lott

Participants: 20

Thinking about changing career but aren’t sure about it? Seventy six percent of British professionals would start a new career if they had the chance, says a survey by CV Library (Nov 2017). If you are considering doing something completely new, wondering whether you should retrain, create a portfolio career or start up your own business, our Find Your Career Direction will begin to move you from confusion to clarity. We’ll walk you through a tried and tested 3-part system so you being to gain:

  1. An understanding of yourself
  2. A solid plan of action
  3. Confidence to make it all happen Sign up here: Find-your-career-direction-with-jo-lott

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