How to be an effective Branch 

This course will help you understand more about the roles in a branch and the structure, and engage and recruit new members.

Key information

  • Online and in-person
  • As required
  • Level two (open to anyone on a branch committee) 
  • 2 hours

Who is the course for?

You may wish to attend the other ‘how to’ courses in Effective public speaking, minute taking and meetings.

Ideally attendees will have completed either ‘An effective Health and Safety rep’ or ‘Reps part 1’ and have an understanding of the function of the committee.  

What will I learn?

  • To understand the role of the branch 
  • To understand the roles within a branch 
  • To be able to recruit members to be reps 
  • To be able to structure a branch 
  • To be able to engage members 

How can I register?

Prospect members

Express your interest by contacting your organiser in the first instance.

Bectu members

Please contact your Bectu official in the first instance.