Climate emergency

The climate emergency is real and it is a union issue. The evidence is clear that the world is facing a climate crisis.

In 2019 the school ‘climate strike’ and the activism of other groups has focused attention, culminating in the government’s commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. As the world considers how it will recover from the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that a fairer low carbon is at the heart of plans to rebuild.

We take this challenge seriously. Prospect’s National Executive has acknowledged the climate emergency and committed to an action plan to raise awareness among members, support workplace change, and reduce the union’s own carbon footprint.

Prospect has unique insight because we represent members across the science, engineering and the environmental workforces, alongside members in the energy and transport sectors.

Prospect embodies expertise. Members in public services are among the world’s leading climate scientists and conservationists. Our members in renewables, nuclear and the energy supply networks understand both the need for investment in low-carbon energy and a Just Transition, so that no workers or communities are left behind by the switch to a new green economy.

Our Bectu sector members in the creative industries have worked on Blue Planet and other film, TV and theatre productions telling the story of what is at stake.

Getting involved

We actively encourage members to get involved and take action together to tackle the climate crisis.

We are asking branches and members to consider:

  • organising a branch discussion or event – for instance a lunch and learn or talk
  • using Prospect materials to support a debate or actions about what members can do locally or at work
  • supporting local community events also taking part – but remember to agree that time off with your line manager or annual leave to cover any time in which you may not be at work
  • when you hold an event – for some freelance members or those who work flexibly the timing of events matters
  • sharing our social media posts highlighting the work our members do and our support for action on climate change
  • electing an Environmental Rep for your branch and getting involved in the Prospect Environment Network.

Who can join our Environment network?

All Prospect members are welcome to join the Environment Network by emailing or logging into your ‘activities’ page.


Responding to the climate emergency

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The climate crisis is a union issue

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