50 years of Pride in London, but Pride is all around us!

Rob Lauder, Pride organiser · 22 June 2022

2022 celebrates 50 years of Pride marches in London. Yes, Pride should be a protest, and yes, it is not located just in London but all around the UK and world. And most importantly, yes, we still need to protest and be visible to ensure that LGBT+ rights are not forgotten, overlooked, or taken away. There are still lots of changes needed for equality to truly happen – not just for LGBT+ people, but for people who face oppression and inequities every day.

Picture of woman hand waving LGBTQ+ flag under the blue sky

Prides act as a chance for the whole LGBT+ community and spectrum to come together. It is the chance to be visible, celebrate our successes, differences, achievements and lives. It allows us to showcase all the progress we’ve made, but also reflect on where we want to go, and what further changes need to be made.

London Pride has had many issues over the years, however it is still important that we acknowledge the changes that it, and all the Prides initiatives around the UK and world have bought the LGBT+ community. Pride marches tend to be some of the more visible ways to show your support of the LGBT+ community, which is why it is important that all parts of society, including Trade Unions, take part in it.

Trade unions have supported LGBT+ rights long before big business got involved in Pride and associated activities. We worked with members, reps and employers to ensure that people can bring their true selves to the workplace, and called out and fight the discrimination that too many still face in their day to day lives.

Research from the TUC, mirroring Prospect’s own survey results, shows that:

These results showcase the journey that we all still have to go on, but the best way to change the culture and norms of society is for people to join together and work to make that change happen. Being collective; working to have a voice against oppression; representing everyone; this is what a Trade Union is about.

Pride is both a party and a protest. Acknowledge and celebrate how far we’ve come, protest to ensure that people know we are still going to fight for equality, and to support each other.

Prospect will be at London Pride this year; however, I’d encourage you to get involved with your local prides as well. Remember – Pride is year-round, as well as all around us!