Alarming that FSS bids are being considered that would see high value work going overseas

1 September 2021

The government has announced the four consortia moving to the next stage of the bid process to build its new Fleet Solid Support ships (FSS) but three of the four could take work overseas.


This is despite assurances that a majority of work would be carried out in the UK, and the FSS ships being designated “warships” which allows the government to insist that work is done here.

Bob King, Head of Prospect’s Defence Industry Group, responding to news that , said:

“While it is welcome that the procurement process for these vital warships is progressing, it is alarming that serious consideration is still being given to bids that would see much of the high value work going overseas.

“We have an incredibly skilled shipbuilding workforce in the UK and our shipyards need this work if we are to retain skills and support the industry and the coastal communities that rely on these jobs.

“We need cast iron guarantees from all bidders and from the MOD that the economic benefit from this investment will go to the UK, and that a fixation on headline costs won’t obscure the long term strategic objective of supporting our shipbuilding industry.

“Prospect will be working with the Government and industry to realise the undertakings from the recent Defence Industrial Strategy, by ensuring the UK’s defence work is delivered by UK workers.”


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