As countries close to UK flights – aviation industry must have support

21 December 2020

Prospect has responded to news that many countries around the world will no longer accept UK flights, grounding much of the industry.

Prospect represents thousands of aviation workers and is calling for a proper support package for the industry, to avert the serious consequences of a shutdown which would come on top of months of reduced demand.

Garry Graham Prospect Deputy General Secretary said:

“We have seen today much of the world closing their airports to flights from the UK.

“This will be another hammer blow to an aviation industry which is already on its knees. It could be an existential threat to its future.

“This is not just about jobs in airlines, but about those in airports, air traffic control, maintenance and whole supply chain.

 “The government must now come up with a bespoke economic package to support the industry, as we have been arguing for over the past nine months.”