Bercow findings show importance of holding powerful individuals to account

8 March 2022

A report into former Commons Speaker John Bercow has found that he was a “serial bully” and would be banned from holding a parliamentary pass.

House of Parliament

The Independent Expert Panel said “his behaviour fell very far below that which the public has a right to expect” from an MP and indicated that Bercow’s evidence showed he had been “a serial liar”.

Garry Graham, Deputy General Secretary of Prospect which represents staff in Parliament, responded:

“The findings of the Independent Expert Panel underline the importance and the need to hold individuals to account, irrespective of their status.

“These behaviours would not be tolerated in any modern workplace and elected members should be setting an example to the country of good practice not hiding behind pomp and privilege.

“Staff need to have confidence that if subject to inappropriate or bullying behaviour in Parliament there is an avenue open to them that will produce a timely and fair resolution. Today’s conclusions by the IEP are a further step towards that reality.”

Prospect member on the picket line

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