BT Enterprise Service consultations

8 August 2019

Prospect update on BT Enterprise Service’s consultation on reorganisation

Prospect members should now be aware of the collective consultation on organisation design and the People Framework which is in progress in their area of work. Prospect is being consulted about this.

The level of change that is taking place will affect individuals in various ways and employees will know what this change means following individual consultation meetings.

Our aim during the collective consultation is to ensure that members’ views are heard and that the people processes that underpin the change framework are applied fairly and equitably.

As this is a time limited process, Prospect is urging members with any concerns or queries to phone our Member Contact Centre (MCC) on 0300 600 1878 as soon as possible. This will enable your Prospect reps to raise the concerns on your behalf at the next consultative meeting.

The MCC can also provide members with initial advice and provide contact with a Prospect representative for individual support if required.

The Prospect reps for the areas that have started consultation (listed below) are Richard Brudenell and Balbir Singh:

  • client services
  • customer services
  • managed services
  • mobile infrastructure
  • service enablement.

Prospect appreciates that organisational change can be difficult and unsettling and would urge members to discuss any concerns  with their line manager in the first instance and as soon as possible.

BT also has an employee assistance programme which includes a comprehensive range of personal and group services to help BT employees deal with worrying or difficult situations and is entirely free of charge. They can be contacted on 0800 917 6767.

If members have colleagues who are non-members, please encourage them to join Prospect. The more members we have the stronger our voice in BT. People can join online at