BT members urged to vote ‘YES’ to accept BT’s final offer

12 July 2019

The BT committee is urging members to vote YES in the ballot, as the company’s final offer is a demonstrable improvement from its starting point.

Prospect has been in negotiations with BT on the People Framework, Future Pay Management and Union Recognition. These discussions have been difficult and extremely protracted.

Prospect has received a revised offer from BT, which the BT committee have decided should be put to members in a consultative ballot with a recommendation that you vote YES to accept it.

In what started out as a discussion on transition principles evolved into a debate on Prospect’s ability to influence future pay reviews and more recently the union’s very right to collectively negotiate on behalf of members.

Prospect’s strategy, therefore, has focused on the priorities of securing what it can do on the People Framework transition, rejecting wholesale application of discretion on future pay management and confirming Prospect as the legitimate collective voice of its constituency, while enhancing its ability to influence the company on behalf of members.

National Secretary Noel McClean said: “The management’s final offer is a demonstrable improvement from its starting point, and we won’t be able to fight future battles without it. We therefore should accept this final offer to secure our legitimacy.”

Why members should vote YES in the ballot:

  • Vote YES for higher pay levels for our entry-level workers at the start of their careers
  • Vote YES for greater influence in future pay reviews from 2020
  • Vote YES for increased union recognition
  • Vote YES to confirm Prospect’s collective voice and expand our collective bargaining reach
  • Vote YES to an improved and more collaborative way of engaging with BT
  • Vote YES to continue our ability to defend members confronted by pay cuts
  • Vote YES to negotiate future pay distribution on agreed terms
  • Vote YES to deal with future challenges as a strengthened union

On Thursday 11 July BT members received an email from [email protected] (on behalf of Prospect) providing a link to the secure voting site along with details of their personal username and password.

If you are a BT member and have not yet received the email, please firstly check your junk folder and then email [email protected]. The ballot closes at noon on 6th August 2019.

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