BT Swindon Members Briefing

16 Jul 2019

Prospect has provided a further update to the closure of North Star House, Swindon.

As you will be aware, BT have now confirmed that they will be proceeding with the closure of North Star House. Unfortunately, a number of counter-proposals submitted by members and the union were not accepted. This appears to show some intransigence on the part of the company and Prospect will need to ensure that more flexibility is shown during the rest of the closure programme.

The union has now had a further collective meeting with the business to review the position of members after initial conversations and consultation meetings. We asked  the purpose of second consultation meetings at this stage and did not receive an entirely satisfactory answer. For example, the union has pressed for the removal of caps on additional travel costs, in order to ensure members do not suffer a financial detriment by being relocated. However, this has still not been confirmed with the union, although BT have indicated that the caps would be removed.

In terms of the IC2 meetings the union would advise members to proceed if they believe the queries they raised during IC1 have been addressed. Conversely, if issues have still not been addressed or questions answered, travel costs being an example, then we would suggest you advise your manager that IC2 should be deferred pending a response on the queries you have raised. If there is any insistence from your manager that IC2 must take place then please contact Prospect at

The union will be holding a further drop-in event at North Star House on 23 July from 11am in room C105. Both myself and Keith Flett will be available on the day to provide advice to members. In addition Prospect will be holding a members meeting with regard to the ongoing People Framework ballot in room C105 at 1pm. This will be an opportunity to ask questions about the union’s recommendation to vote yes in the ballot.