BT unions say ‘Enough is Enough’

25 September 2020

The recognised trade unions in BT – Prospect and the Communications Workers Union (CWU) – have this afternoon issued a joint statement on redundancies and threatened changes to redundancy pay, among other issues.

John Ferrett, Prospect National Secretary and Andy Kerr, CWU Deputy General Secretary said:

“The current situation in BT is one of grave concern to the members of both Prospect and the CWU. We are seeing redundancies being threatened and taking place across the UK, under the Better Workplace programme. Furthermore, there appears to be a process of permanent reorganisation across the business, again leading to the loss of members’ jobs and creating widespread anxiety. Finally, we believe the company are proposing to implement massive cuts to redundancy pay in order to make it cheaper to carry out their plans.

“Prospect and the CWU are the recognised trade unions in BT. The company has stated that we are the voice of managers and team members respectively in the business. Therefore, we are now using that voice to say enough is enough in terms of BT’s approach to industrial relations and, more importantly, the treatment of our members.

“We reject the aggressive and provocative approach of BT in tearing up contractual redundancy agreements that were reached only two years ago and put in place following the closure of the BT Pension Scheme. We reject an approach that favours imposition over negotiation. We reject a location strategy that ignores where our members are currently based, removes BT from huge swathes of the UK, and is completely contrary to both the public health and environmental agenda that the company is signed up to.

“In order to fight this unprecedented attack on our members both unions within BT are pledged to work as closely together as possible. The company will no doubt seek to continue its divide and rule strategy, using bodies such as the Colleague Board, who have no remit over your terms and conditions, to undermine the recognition agreements we have in place.

“However, Prospect and the CWU will reject any attempt to circumvent the collective process and will, wherever possible, campaign jointly to fight changes that are detrimental to members.

“As union members we will be much stronger standing together. As unions we will achieve much more by fighting together.  Unity is strength.”

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