Budget: Chancellor offered civil servants nothing on pay and conditions

15 March 2023

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect union, has commented on the Chancellor’s failure to provide civil servants with a fair deal in today’s Budget:

“As Prospect members in the Civil Service undertook their biggest industrial action in over a decade, the Chancellor had nothing to offer them on their pay or conditions – let alone mentioning them in his speech.

“With pay already having fallen by up to 26% since 2010, our members simply cannot afford to see their living standards fall any further. Increases of just 1% in day-to-day departmental spending after 2024/25 show the government still don’t get it.

“The threats of job cuts, slashing of redundancy terms and appalling attacks on their work by Cabinet Ministers must stop, and the Cabinet Office must come to the table and give our committed public servants the pay rise they deserve.

“Without fundamental change, the Civil Service risks becoming an increasingly unattractive and uncompetitive employer, with the whole country suffering the consequences.”

Prospect member on the picket line

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