Changes to BT Consumer Sales Bonus

6 February 2018

Prospect updates members on talks with BT Consumer regarding the sales bonus scheme introduced in January 2018.

Following the changes to the BT Consumer sales bonus scheme introduced in January, Prospect has received a number of complaints from members regarding its achievability and the impact it’s having on take home pay.

Prospect maintains the view that any bonus scheme ought to be based on set targets, and should incentivise. We are concerned that, as team manager results are now grouped into quintiles that affect the level of bonus awarded, what’s been implemented is more akin to a league table than a bonus scheme. This clearly has the potential to be both divisive and demotivating, and ultimately contrary to what it’s supposed to achieve.

Prospect has shared the feedback we’ve received already with BT, but we are keen to understand as broadly as possible the issues and concerns members have about the new scheme, including what works well.

Therefore, please let us know your views by emailing [email protected] Your experiences, both positive and negative, will greatly assist our future discussions with the company.