Civil Aviation Authority in Crisis – Prospect members vote for industrial action

22 August 2023

Prospect members at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action over the employer’s refusal to provide a fair and affordable 2023/24 salary increase.



An internal survey of CAA has also found that 42 percent of employees are considering leaving the organisation due to poor pay & reward, excessive workload, lack of recognition and not feeling valued by the organisation.

This is the first time a ballot on industrial action has taken place at the CAA.

67% of those who voted in the official ballot did so in favour of strike action, while 87% voted in favour of taking industrial action short of a strike. Turnout was 65%, well over the required legal threshold.

The exact timing and nature of industrial action will be decided in due course.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect union, said: 

“More than a decade of real terms pay cuts have left our members at the CAA with no choice but to take industrial action.

“During the initial stages of the pandemic they did their part by taking a pay cut to enable their employer to continue to function. This show of good will has not been returned and inadequate pay levels are having a serious impact on recruitment and retention at the CAA.

“The employer can still avert this industrial action by coming back to the table with a meaningful offer that addresses the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. If they do not do so, then the CAA’s status as a world-class aviation regulator is at risk.”


Prospect has members working in aviation, road, rail and maritime transportation, as well as regulation and research.