Civil servants have kept the show on the road

21 January 2024

Prospect General Secretary Mike Clancy, responding to a reported “crackdown” on “activists” in the Civil Service, said:

“In a general election year, it seems clear that the current government are going to try to use civil servants as the people they can blame for all the problems that ministers have caused over the last decade.

“This isn’t going to wash with the public, they see that it is often civil servants who have kept the show on the road despite the failings of ministers.

“The truth is that, like many employers in both the public and the private sector, the Civil Service needs to become more diverse to attract and retain all the talent and skills it needs in future. The resources put into these networks are already small, and attacking them is a desperate distraction from the considerable challenges the country faces both at home and abroad.”

Prospect member on the picket line

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